Matthew Wills

March 18, 2008

MIX 08 Sessions – Zune feed

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One of the ‘problems’ of owning a Zune is that you get used to being able to easily subscribe and download podcast content. In fact, you get to the point where if you can’t just subscribe to the RSS feed then you don’t bother downloading and viewing the content.

Generally this isn’t a major issue, but it does annoy me with regard to Flash based websites and their RSS feeds.

But just recently, an even more annoying case raised its head. And that was with regard to the MIX08 Sessions.

MIX08 was recently held in Las Vegas, and from it were made available 88 presentations that can be viewed online or downloaded. At first glance it looks promising for me and my Zune obsession – there is even a ‘Download for Zune’ option.


So what is the problem? Well, I am in no mood to download 88 WMV files one by one, then tell the Zune software about them and sync them across. There must be a RSS feed to do this automatically, right?

Wrong. (Well, there is this – but there are only 15 entries in it so at the very least it is incomplete).

So, seeing as I didn’t want to waste 20 minutes downloading the files manually, telling the Zune software about them and syncing them across, I instead spent 60 minutes putting together a very simple RSS feed to allow myself (and others) to download the MIX08 sessions just like any other podcast.

Keep in mind that I have had no experience putting together a RSS feed before (let alone a podcast RSS feed), so don’t expect any fancy schmancy stuff like session descriptions or file sizes. But it has been tested with the Zune client software, and it does work. I think.


  1. very nice work Matthew!
    was hoping someone would do this


    Comment by steve clayton — March 18, 2008 @ 5:34 pm

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  3. Awesome dude, well done, now for an ipod feed :-)

    Comment by Delicate Genius — April 2, 2008 @ 12:11 pm

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